Unique, compact, individual


The secret of our LAGUNA COMPACT lies in its design. It makes the bathtub look particularly filigree and saves space. This is what gives it its elegant appearance. A special one-off and a jewel for every bathroom. And well suited for big dreamers with a little less space. 
The bathing pleasure remains unchanged. Your LAGUNA COMPACT keeps the bath water pleasantly warm for a long time. Treat yourself to this special luxury.


  • Swiss craftsmanship: Every LAGUNA COMPACT is available in all types of wood and is made by hand in Basadingen.
  • Size: The model is available in two different sizes.
  • Surface: Choose between a matt or high-gloss surface.
  • Cleaning: Uncomplicated with little effort and no special care requirements.
  • The LAGUNA COMPACT can be finished as a free-standing or built-in bathtub.
  • Installation effort: The pre-installed siphon and overflow make our bathtubs particularly easy to install.
  • Long life: 10-year guarantee
  • Optional: We will be happy to install a whirlpool system in your bathtub.
  • Other wishes? We do a lot to make your dream come true. Let us know if an ingredient is missing so that we can fill the gap for you.


Would you prefer mahogany, ash, walnut or maybe oak? Would you like a gloss or matt finish? Are you looking for a large or a small bathtub? Use the configurator below to check what your desired product might look like.



  • Alpi MakassarAlpi Makassar
  • Oak darkOak dark
  • OakOak
  • KoaKoa
  • MahoganyMahogany
  • WengeWenge
  • WalnutWalnut
  • Alpi MakassarOak darkOakKoaMahoganyWengeWalnut

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