Freestanding wooden bathtub: striking, unique, weightless


This freestanding wooden bathtub promises the ultimate bathing pleasure. It forms a uniform and integrated frame. There is no irritating twist plug cap in your back and no uncomfortable drain in the seat. However, the wooden bathtub also distinguishes itself with further qualities: It is very easy to clean, requires no oiling, keeps the bath water hot for a long time and even after years of use, it is captivating due to its understated, luxurious design. The LAGUNA PEARL model allows for great freedom in terms of positioning of the bathtub. Every room is uniquely enhanced by a free-standing wooden bathtub.

Due to its compact external dimensions and easy installation, it can also be fitted in an existing bathroom with minimal effort. Its elegant design and high-quality workmanship as well as the natural warmth of the wood make it the central element in every room.

ALEGNA Holzwanne freistehend PEARL


  • Each LAGUNA PEARL is available in all types of wood
  • Each bathtub is a handmade unique specimen
  • High durability
  • No irritating twist plug cap inside the tub
  • Very easy to clean
  • Easy installation, even in existing bathrooms
  • Available in three different standard sizes (special dimensions on request)
  • 10-year warranty
  • Jacuzzi system on request


Would you prefer mahogany, ash, walnut or maybe oak? Would you like a gloss or matt finish? Are you looking for a large or a small bathtub? Use the configurator below to check what your desired product might look like.



  • OakOak
  • WengeWenge
  • Alpi MakassarAlpi Makassar
  • KoaKoa
  • Oak darkOak dark
  • MahoganyMahogany
  • Santos-rosewoodSantos-rosewood
  • WalnutWalnut
  • OakWengeAlpi MakassarKoaOak darkMahoganySantos-rosewoodWalnut

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