It takes a great deal of finesse and know-how
before our handmade wooden bathtubs and - furnitures satisfy our requirements and are ready to leave our workshop.

As skilled joiners and yacht builders, we are familiar with precious woods and know what we can ask of them. We have been manufacturing bathtubs and bathroom furniture for our customers for over ten years. Each piece is entirely handmade in a small village in the Canton of Thurgau. Here we use a special and elaborate process to create individual pieces of art for special bathrooms and precious moments.


Carefully selected wood veneers are compressed under high pressure and completely saturated with resin. This prevents the wood from splintering, saturating with water and exhibiting other unsightly signs of wear. The extremely hard-wearing coating guarantees optimum protection and extremely high durability of the products. The sophisticated wooden surfaces not only stand out visually, they are also very easy to clean.

Our products can be made of any conceivable type of wood. For instance, many bathtubs are made of oak, a rather light wood with a attractiv wood structure. Walnut products are another favourite; walnut also has an interesting wood structure, but it is darker. These are two of the favourites. There are numerous others and we are able to use almost any type of wood for our products. Contact us!

Thomas Löpfe

Thomas Löpfe




Marketing ALEGNA AG

Marlies Löpfe

Marlies Löpfe

Financial accounting & human resources


"gives every bathroom a cosy ambience" – these were only some of the headlines in the press when we launched our LAGUNA series.

LAGUNA wooden bathtubs and bathroom furniture have far exceeded our goals from the time of our market launch. With the LAGUNA series we have come across a product that appeals to and inspires many people. Today LAGUNA bathtubs and bathroom furniture are installed not only in Switzerland and its neighbouring countries. They also enhance numerous bathrooms, hotel rooms and spas in England, America, Russia, Norway, Japan etc.

German Design Award Nominee 2013Iconic Awards 2017


In 2013 we were awarded a nomination for the “German Design Award” for our LAGUNA PEARL.
The German Design Award honours innovative products and projects, as well as their manufacturers and designers, who are ground-breaking in the German and international design scene.

In 2017 our LAGUNA SQUARE with stone bathtub was honoured in the “Selection” category of the ICONIC AWARDS “Interior Innovation”. Innovative excellence from all product segments of the industry characterise the ICONIC AWARDS. ALEGNA was a part of this.

We are proud of both distinctions and will continue to research and develop in order to launch innovative products. We will persevere!

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