Custom made

Wooden bathtub island

It was to become a central element: That's why this island is an entire bathroom. The large drawers provide space for everything that would otherwise be standing around. So there's always order and that definitely has a relaxing effect on the end of the day. What's more, the combination of multi-piece bathroom furniture, lavabo and the generous Laguna Square leaves nothing to come between the view and your own.

Shell bathtub made of wood

Designed on the model of a shell, here you can almost hear the surf crashing and taste the sea salt on your lips. The filigree wall gives this wooden bathtub a special elegance and lightness. And we are proud of it: as our customer reported during the installation, he could not find a bathtub anywhere that met his requirements in terms of shape and comfort. The fact that he was able to try out different models for the seating position with us in advance made it possible to produce the tub that was perfect for him.

A bathtub and washbasin made of wood

A bathtub and washbasin made of wood in minimal design was the wish of a satisfied customer the other day. The entire furniture of this bathroom landscape flows into one another without transition. Reduced to the essentials, a playful spark emerges from the flowing backrest.

Of course, fulfilling this individual wish is no challenge for us. We could also build you a water slide if you want it to be even more playful.

Wood and stone

An unmistakable, unique character is inherent in every stone. The special natural material lends bathrooms a special elegance. A stone bathtub is simply too cool for an enjoyable bath. Alegna combines the two natural materials stone and wood. So you have both: the unique elegance of stone and the incomparable comfort of a wooden bathtub.

Birthing tub

A birth centre stands for a gentle birth. Disturbing influences should be kept out, so that the woman giving birth herself experiences safety and strengthening in the security. Wood is the ideal companion.

Our first birthing tub made of wood was developed in cooperation with the Terra Alta birthing centre: its shape and size were designed precisely to meet the needs of the woman giving birth and the midwives. A seat and two armrests are embedded in the tub. For the prototype, we milled different seat models to be able to determine the ideal dimensions.

The birth tub made of wood is located in the birth centre

Floating tub

Four people can comfortably linger in this bathtub made of wood. « 36grad» wanted a model in which the bathers could sit, lie down and immerse themselves up to their ears in water. In addition to the size, another highlight is invisible to the eye: the sounds from the sound system can be heard under and above water. The whirlpool system completes this luxury tub and guarantees relaxing luxury moments.

The wooden tub  can be viewed in the showroom (

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