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Legal information:

This is the official website (portal) of ALEGNA AG. This portal serves to provide information to customers. ALEGNA AG may use third parties to operate this portal. The following principles outlined below also apply to information provided to customers in the form of a subscription newsletter, for example. This information and these terms of use refer solely to the website

Intellectual property and other rights
ALEGNA AG is the owner and operator of this portal. All brands, names, titles, logos, pictures, designs, texts and other materials belong to a legal entity of ALEGNA AG. No rights whatsoever (usage rights, intellectual property rights etc.) are acquired by calling up, downloading or copying any of these pages. Any (complete or partial) reproduction, transfer (electronic or by other means), modification, linking or use of the portal for public or commercial purposes is forbidden without prior written consent.

ALEGNA AG shall not assume any liability whatsoever (including negligence) resulting from access to or the inability to access the portal or individual elements thereof or from the use thereof. Access to the portal and its use cannot be guaranteed.

Data transmission via the Internet
The Internet is an open network that can be accessed by anyone and is therefore generally not regarded as a safe environment. While the individual data packages are, as a matter of principle, transmitted in encrypted form, this does not apply to the sender and the recipient. Furthermore, it is possible that data is transmitted abroad and therefore possibly to a country with a lower level of data privacy protection than Switzerland, even if the sender and recipient are located in Switzerland. ALEGNA AG shall not assume any liability for the security of data during their transmission via the Internet.

Newsletters are only sent at the customer’s explicit request. Newsletter subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Details on how to do this can be found in the newsletters.

Data security
The safe storage of personal data (e.g. in connection with newsletter subscriptions) is warranted.




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