Wood for your bathroom?

All of our products are entirely handmade in Switzerland (Canton of Thurgau). Our products are not made out of solid wood; instead, we use select wood veneers that are compressed in a mould and subsequently sealed up to eight times using a special resin. This way our products cannot saturate with water and no bacteria can develop.

What is the weight of a bathtub or washbasin?

Our “small” LAGUNA PEARL bathtub weighs 60 kg. Depending on the size, it may weigh up to 80 kg. The other products may only slightly exceed the stated weight in kg. The standard sized washbasins weigh 2 kg.


Our products are extremely hard-wearing and look like new even after years of use. The lifetime of a bathtub is a minimum of 40 years. Our products are an investment for life.

Possible applications?

Be it in a hotel spa area, in a suite, in your new home or in a renovated bathroom… our products can be used anywhere. Furthermore, the silky, fine wooden finishes give every room a warm and elegant ambience.


Our bathtubs can be cleaned the same as conventional ceramic or acrylic tubs. You can use a conventional bathroom cleaner. Wipe out the bathtub with a soft cloth (not microfibre), job done! The wood requires no additional care or finishing. However, don’t use any scouring or scratching cleaning agents or cloths for our products.


ALEGNA AG delivers worldwide. Delivery of our bathtubs takes approximately 8 – 10 weeks after receipt of your order. Delivery is made by lorry or air freight to the place of delivery. Haulage will be charged at the respective day rate of the forwarding agent.


For reasons of discretion, we do not disclose any references. We do, however, assure you that our products adorn bathrooms around the world. Be it in France, Switzerland, New Zealand, the USA, Dubai or Saudi Arabia… our products fascinate and inspire customers worldwide.

Retailer / Showroom?

ALEGNA AG is the manufacturer of the products. In Switzerland, the goods can be viewed directly in the production by prior arrangement. In other countries, ALEGNA may be represented by retailers to some extent. Please contact us so we can help you.


Give us a call:

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